Vector Design

Pizza Advertisement

Pizza Universe

For this project I made an advertisement/flyer for a Pizza restaurant using Illustrator. I was supplied with the character and the text which I needed to colour and format on the page.

Sports Logo Trace

logo trace full

For this project I recreated several sports team logos (right) from low resolution samples (left).

Word Logos

First I came up with some designs and sketched them by hand.

Illustrator Concepts 2.0

Afterwards I took those concepts and recreated them in Illustrator. I also created several variation.

Illustrator Concepts

Finally I picked the best ones and finalized my four logos.

Video game Title

For this project I needed to create a title for a video game that would feature the robot I 3D modeled. First I created several concept sketches by hand, then I picked out the best one (seen above). I came up with the idea of using the silhouette of the robot as the letter ‘A’ in the word ‘name’.

I took my favourite hand sketch and I recreated it in Illustrator.